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Centurion Boat Models: Ri, Fi & Vi Series Wakesurf & Wakeboard Boats

A Wakeboarding Boat Designed for Enthusiasts

From hull to wake, we’ve thought of everything. Centurion’s line of wakeboarding boats combines innovative design and practicality unlike anything else on the market. From our proprietary Opti-V hull, which create perfectly symmetrical waves, to our RAMFILL ballast system boasting two subfloor ballasts with up to 5500 pounds of displacement, every feature of our wakeboarding boats was designed by water sport enthusiasts, for water sports enthusiasts.

Why Our Wakesurf Boat is Different

We pride ourselves in manufacturing and supplying wake boats with a noticeable difference. Our customers appreciate our comprehensive knowledge of surf boats, which translates into practical design features, optimized power, and superior wakes. With wake boat hulls designed to eliminate the shock of rough water, ballasts that allow for adjusting wakes mid-session, and engines that run 50 percent more efficiently than comparable models, we’re confident you’ll appreciate the difference in our wakesurf boats.

Wakesurfing Boats Designed for Competition

Our wakesurfing boats feature the proprietary Opti-V hull, renowned for its superior surf wake and balanced riding experience. In fact, because of its unique design, Centurion’s was the official towboat of both the 2017 World Wakesurfing Championships and 2018 IWWF World Wakeboarding Championships. Our Ri237 and Ri257 surf boats have become popular among wakeboarding enthusiasts and professionals because there’s just no better wake on the market. Serious competitors choose our superior wakesurfing boats time and time again. Find out how you can own one today!

Wakeboard Boats for Sale

No matter what you’re looking for in a wakeboard boat, we’re sure to meet even the strictest requirements. Our focus on manufacturing and supplying surf boats for the discerning boating enthusiast has resulted in state of the art technology combined with strategic design features that optimize your day on the water. Explore our wide catalog of wakeboard boats for sale, and see how you can put the trusted power and performance of our surf boats in your hands today.