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Why Centurion Boats: The Evolution Of Wake Boat

We have a powerful tool behind the evolution of our boats – you. The evolution of our designs is not just a result of changes in style. Our engineers listen to customer feedback with purpose and redesign based on your changing needs. We have always built good surf boats, but your input has helped us change and improve thoughtfully throughout the years. Surfing is in our DNA. You are the catalyst to unleash our best features.

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Centurion Boats Opti-V hull

The Opti-V Hull Experience

Centurion’s Opti-V hull design displaces more water, to form the world’s best waves quickly on either side and creates side to side balance for perfectly symmetrical wakeboard wakes. With 20 degrees of deadrise at the transom, as much as double the degree of V as any other towboat, the ride is insanely smooth and balanced. Centurion offers the industry’s largest ballast capacities, and depending on the model, it delivers up 5850 pounds of displacement. All this leads to unparalleled wake and waves.

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Centurion Boats dumping ballast through RamFill system


Centurion’s exclusive RAMFILL ballast is comprised of two subfloor tooled-in tanks that fill with as much as 2950 pounds of water in as little as 90 seconds. That’s a minute and a half to deliver exactly the wakes you want, whether beginner or seasoned pro. Over a ton of weight. In less than two minutes. Wakes can be adjusted mid-session. Fast. Efficient. The gift of time.

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Centurion Boats ballast configuration on dash

Ballast Wakes & Waves

Centurion offers the industry’s largest and best placed ballast capacities. Depending on the model, you can get up to 5850 pounds of displacement. That means you have the flexibility to dial in the waves and wakes you want. It’s a simple formula: more specifically placed ballast = better waves and wakes. End of story.

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Centurion Boat cruising fast

Save At The Pump

With 20-degrees of deadrise Centurion’s Opti-V hull is the only true deep v hull in the wake boat industry. The deep-v hull design slices through the water and the optimized strakes, and triangular pads create lift getting the heaviest part of the boat, the rear, up out of the water for a level running attitude front to back. This equates to lower RPM even when fully weighted to ride, and more efficient use of the 409 horsepower GM Marine engine marinized by PCM. The new Revo Side by Side Touch Vision dash in the Ri245 and Ri265 provides fuel efficiency data at a glance with first of its kind trip and fuel consumption data, leaving no doubt who has the most efficient wake boat.

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Centurion Boats QuickSurf pro dash with Korg surfing

On the Level — Quick Surf Pro

In just 1.8 seconds, QuickSurf Pro can move a wave from left to right, even mid-session, with the Revo Side by Side, SxS HD or Split HD Touch Vision dash systems, while keeping the ride level for driver and passengers. Deliberately-shaped stainless blades with turned down and gently arced edges create more lift opposite the surf side, digging in the surf side corner of the hull and displacing water to create a well-defined surf wave.

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Centurion Boats quick launch dash

Quick Launch

The efficient running surface of Centurion’s Opti-V Hull extends to ballasted take-offs with no bow rise and quick time-to-plane thanks to the QuickLaunch System. The Stinger Wake Plate joins the available port and starboard QuickSurf Pro Blades to create lift at the rear of the boat, allowing the running altitude to be more level at take-off getting the boat on plane in six seconds.

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Kaley Sparling chatting with girlfriend in Centurion Boat

86.5dB Quiet Ride

Centurion Boats are no noisier than your average dishwasher. That’s quiet — as low as 86.5 decibels in the driver’s seat when pulling a wakesurfer running at 3500 rpm. Unibody construction chemically fuses the points where hull, stringer system, and deck converge, eliminating water noise and engine vibration, additionally, the available Patented Silent Stinger Wake Plate Exhaust System and the efficient power of GM Marine by PCM help create the ultimate quiet ride.

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17 MILS on a Centurion Boats interior vinyl

Feel the Difference

Thicker is better. Thicker is noticeably more comfortable. More durable. Better. Centurion’s Comfort Strong Marine Vinyl by Spradling offers 17-mil topcoat, double the topcoat of any competitor and a good guard against abrasions and stains. All Hex accents have the same durability as the base vinyl and add texture which quickly dissipates heat. Seats are sewn together with GORE Tenera Thread, made by GORE-TEX, because it’s simply the best. Choose from six different thread colors. Details matter.

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Centurion Boats push spectrum on wake

Sweet Surf Spectrum

In sports, the sweet spot is everything. Other boats have one sweet spot — a position, typically off the back of the swimstep, where there is a constant push. Centurion surf waves offer a spectrum of surfable power from the curl all the way up to the face of the waves. This helps beginners learn to throw the rope, as well as allow seasoned pros to master their next World Championship winning move. Centurion’s surf sweet spot is as much as 26 feet — wider of a sweet surf spectrum than a single spot.

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Wake sport action shot
Wake sport action shot

2 Worlds

Best Of Both Worlds

Centurion’s Opti-V hull has proven its versatility and utility time and again, but never more so than when it was the official towboat of both the 2020 World Wakesurfing Championships and 2021 IWWF World Wakeboarding Championships. Despite historical emphasis on surfing, Centurion’s Ri245 and Ri265 have become equally popular among wakeboarding enthusiasts because there’s just no better wake. Centurion’s own pro team dominated the competitions, and the boats garnered more than a few diehard fans due to performance.

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Tower Partner


For an upgrade in style, strength, and function, opt for the DropZone Auto Tower by Roswell on your new Centurion boat. Actuated by two Electric Linear Drivers, the DropZone Auto Tower folds in 10 seconds and comes back up in 14. Simply press and hold the rocker switch located inside the passenger side corner of the tower. This vibration-free operation is thanks to the specially engineered actuator mounts. The DropZone offers even more function with thoughtful touches like surf-side tow points and hangers. It also provides 40% more strength thanks to the water drop extruded construction that compliments the lines of Centurion boats perfectly. It looks as though the DropZone was designed exclusively with Centurion Boats because it was.

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409 ft/lb

Power Partner

409 ft/lb

Torque determines usable power. Centurion Vi22, Vi24, Fi21, Fi23, and Ri245 boats come standard with a whopping 409-foot pounds of torque and Centurion Ri265 boats come standard with 450-foot pounds of torque thanks to an efficient GM Marine engine, a 1.72 to 1 gear reduction and torque-optimized propping. Even when weighted for a pro wakesurf session, the standard 409 horsepower GM Marine is efficient and effective. Upgrades are available to the GM Marine 6.0L 450 HO as well as the ZZ6 by PCM or the ZR7 by PCM.

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4200 GAWR

Trailer Partner

4200 GAWR

XHD Extreme Heavy Duty Trailers, are standard under every Centurion boat and come with a five-year warranty. Built on 4200 GAWR heavy duty torsion axles with independent suspension, the patented 10,000-pound capacity, and thick six-inch Tube Frame Construction, provides a stronger, smoother, and more durable construction than channel frames. A six-inch Patented “Pivot Hitch” offers strength, storage flexibility, and security. The XHD offers a custom West Coast look with Frenched-in LED lighting and sleek fenders.

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Other Features

2 to 1:

Exclusive to the Ri245 and Ri265 the Touch Revo Side by Side 12” x 12” HD Dash System is composed of two 12” by 8” screens mounted side by side working together or independently so you can see and control everything at once.

6 Colors:

Sewn together with GORE Tenera Thread made by GORE-TEX now available in six different colors, a Centurion boat interior is as strong as it is beautiful.

26 Cup Holders:

A cup holder on its own may not seem like a big deal, but when you realize there are two cup holders conveniently placed near each seat, it becomes clear we have thought of everything.

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