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We have a powerful tool behind the evolution of our boats – you. The evolution of our designs is not just a result of changes in style. Our engineers listen to customer feedback with purpose and redesign based on your changing needs. We have always built good surf boats, but your input has helped us change and improve thoughtfully throughout the years. Surfing is in our DNA. You are the catalyst to unleash our best features.

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Surf Evolving

The foundation upon which our best features are built is our unique Opti-V hull, enhanced by ballast capacity, ballast location, ballast convenience, RAMFILL and QuickSurf Pro. Through the years we have tested and tweaked, rethought, redesigned and reconfigured these core components to get to the shape of today's world class boats. The benefits gained from improving these features include extraordinarily long pushy waves - up to 26' long, symmetrical wakeboard wakes, more than 50% better fuel efficiency and an exceptionally quiet ride. Over time, our refinements have improved on our original design and expanded our adaptability. With the Opti-V hull as our foundation, we have created the most innovative wake and surf boat in the industry. As a Correct Craft company, we are charged with making life better, and these improvements are clear indicators we take that to heart. It is our 'Why: we do what we do. We're not just boat builders - we strive to give people better experiences and make their lives better. We like to think we're creating a wave of positive change, waking positive experiences in the lives of our families, community, and world. 

The Opti-V Hull Experience

Take a close look at the design of the Opti-V hull. You won't see this design on other towboats. Note the sharp, 30 degrees of V at the bow and the 20 degrees deadrise at the transom. This design successfully displaces more water while keeping the boat balanced as it slices through the water. You can see the triangular pads on each corner of the running surface. These assist in the creation of a symmetrical wake. Compare this design to other wake boats with flat or rounded hull designs and you will quickly understand why the Opti-V delivers a smooth, rough-water ride and creates envy-worthy surfing waves as well as wakeboard wakes. After years of testing and perfecting, Centurion created the hull design that delivers exactly what you want, when you want it, in a wide variety of conditions. 

Operation Wake Surf boat at competition

Best of Both Worlds

One hull - two sports. It sounds too good to be true. But, whether you like to surf or wakeboard, the Opti-V hull exceeds all expectations. This hull, combined with the available ballast capacity, has helped riders achieve over 150 personal bests during World Championship competition. We're not exaggerating when we tell you it creates the World's Best Waves and Wakes. Experience the difference for yourself. You might even get your own personal best. Let us prove it to you at a Centurions Boats dealer near you.


We all need more time. RAMFILL offers the gift of time when you're on the water because instead of spending 15 to 30 minutes waiting for ballast to fill, RAMFILL gets the job done in as little as 90 seconds. when every minute you get to play is precious, that makes a huge difference. In a Centurion equipped with RAMFILL you can even fill your ballast while you are underway, with a rider in tow. Waves and wakes can be adjusted independently, mid-session. At Centurion, we want you to have the best experience possible, we think that means spending your time doing, not waiting. RAMFILL is nearly half the available ballast in a Centurion boat, spanning the entire lounge area from the helm to the transom. So not only does it fill quickly, it allows the boat to maintain a level running attitude even as it's weighted for surfing. It displaces the entire running surface, not just the transom, creating a longer, pushier wave with a sweet surf spectrum. Speed and better performance - RAMFILL offers both. 

Ballast Locations

Think about it. If displacement is the chosen method for creating wakes, it just makes sense that more ballast placement options equals more wave options. Centurion offers the industry's largest and best-placed ballast capacities. We use a carefully calculated formula to determine where to make ballast available, with a more even distribution than other towboats. Centurion's ballast system displaces the entire running surface at surf speeds. The result? Our hull design plus up to 5850 pounds of ballast creates a long, hard, pushy wave that can be tailored to any skill or preference. When ballast is placed less evenly, as in other towboats, you will get a short, potentially steep wave that can only be adjusted by adding aftermarket weight to the front half of the boat. In a Centurion, you can start with the subfloor ballast, add additional ballast as desired, and tweak until you have the perfect wave to suit you or fill it all up and ride the World's best waves out of the box. 

Wave Length

How does Centurion create a 26-foot-long wave? The relatively even distribution of our ballast options from bow to stern keeps the entire running surface displacing water. Instead of pushing out a steep, short wake by having 75% of the ballast behind the rear seats and only displace water with the back of the boat. Centurion enables you to fill ballast throughout the boat so that the resulting wave is extended well beyond the typical sweet spot right off the swim platform. Beginners and pros alike benefit from this longer wave, as each can find the perfect position to enhance their skill level and deliver their best performance. You might surf close to the back of the boat, or farther back in the wave. You may even choose to surf together on the same wave. The point is you have a choice. It's a choice you won't find with other towboats. 

2022 Centurion Boats Ri265 pulling flipping wake surfer Taylor McCullough

Symmetrical Wakes

Our history is steeped in surfing, but that changed dramatically with the introduction of our Opti-V hull. We are always striving to improve and this wave-making, smooth riding modified deep-V hull propelled Centurion to the forefront of the world's best wakeboard wakes when we combined this unique hull with the balance of triangular rear-lifting pads. This design resulted in a symmetrical wakeboard wake that is not sensitive to side to-side weight shift. We offer the best placed ballast in the industry and that, coupled with the use of our QuickLaunch system, which gets the boat up to wakeboard speeds in six seconds even when weighted to ride, has made Centurion a noted player in the wakeboard world. Centurion is the official towboat of the IWWF Wakeboard World Championship. Centurion generates large, hard symmetrical ramps that can be shaped for world championship performances at the highest level of professional wakeboarding. And by the way, pro level wakes work great for non-pros too.

Fuel Efficiency

Our mission is to make life better for our customers. One of the ways we do that is by making it easier for you to enjoy more time on the water and less time getting there. With 50% more fuel efficiency than other towboats, you will spend more time on the water and less time heading to and from the gas dock in a Centurion. The deep-v hull design slices through the water and the optimized strakes, and triangular pads create lift getting the heaviest part of the boat, the rear, up out of the water for a level running attitude front to back. This equates to lower RPM even when fully weighted to ride, and more efficient use of the 409 horsepower GM Marine engine marinized by PCM. The six-second QuickLaunch gets the boat on plane at a level running attitude. The new Revo Side by Side Touch Vision dash in the Ri245 and Ri265 provides fuel efficiency data at a glance, leaving no doubt who has the most efficient wake boat. 

Conor Burns doing a wake surf 360 behind a Ri230

Quick Surf Pro

We like to make things easy for you. With QuickSurf Pro you can switch waves from one side to the other in a mere 1.8 seconds. Drivers can use the 12" x 12" Revo side by side (RevoSxS) HD, or split HD Touch Vision dash system to keep the ride level and switch the waves at the push of a button. The new, larger, deliberately-shaped stainless blades with a turned-down trailing edge and gently arced edges are designed to create more lift opposite the surf side, digging in the surf-side corner of the hull and displacing water to create a well-defined surf wave. But as a driver or surfer you won't notice any of that - you will just have a seamless experience. 

Quiet Ride

There is nothing like enjoying an experience but not being able to share your enthusiasm because it is too loud for a conversation. That does not happen in a Centurion. The ultra-efficient Opti-V hull creates less resistance in the water, so the standard 6.0 liter GM Marine engine marinized by PCM is only running at 2800-3200 RPM to produce a surf wave. Not only that, but the patented Silent Stinger Wake Plate uses lake water to naturally dampen the exhaust noise. The decibel level at the passenger's seat is around 86.5, which equates to the noise of a kitchen dishwasher. Bring on the conversation! 

PCM Engines

PCM Engines have a closed cooling system, that means they are 100% glycol (automobile antifreeze) cooled. The only raw lake or saltwater running through these engines is restricted to the heat exchanger, as the closed system uses coolant to control the temperature of the engine parts. This increases the longevity of the engine by protecting engine components from potential corrosiveness. Exhaust manifolds are filled with coolant only, ensuring these high-performance engines stay clean as well as cooled for optimum operation. PCM's utilization of direct injection technology provides industry leading torque, horsepower, and fuel efficiency. Direct Injection allows smaller displacement engines to make as much or more horsepower as larger displacement engines, all while burning less fuel. 


We build the boats we want to use, because we do use them with our own families. We consider Centurion boat owners to be our extended family, so you know the comfort and accommodation built into every Centurion boat is no accident. The Opti-V hull provides a comfortable rough-water ride and the interior refinements make that ride not just enjoyable, but pleasurable. For drivers, the Cobra Racing Seat with its 160 degrees of swivel, provides comfort and room to relax when not commanding the vessel. For passengers, the ergonomically angled seatbacks and triple density foam bases offer the ultimate in comfort, while they shroud hinged shocked storage so all gear can be put away yet quickly and conviniently accessed. The Comfort Strong Vinyl made by Spradling is as nice to look at as it is comfortable to sit on, whether you choose the two-texture design or all Hex. The Hex texture vinyl design offers relief from heat, even in darker colors. The increased surface area of the hex pattern dissipates heat faster for a lower surface temperature to the touch. The 17 ml topcoat is double the topcoat protection offered by competitors, doubling your vinyl's protection from UV rays, staining and harsh cleaning chemicals. The Gore Tenera thread by GORETEX holds it all together with strength built to withstand harsh marine environments. 

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