Centurion Wakeboard Boats for Sale

Looking to get your hands on one of the best wakeboard boats in the business today? Look no further than Centurion Boats. We are positive that our wakeboarding boats will be able to fulfill all your needs — from overall design to the performance you will get while out on the water. Along with being a high-performing wakeboarding boat, we promise that you will also live in luxury. To further convince you, here are some points that might help you make your decision to take a look at our wakeboard boats for sale!

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Powerful RAMFILL Technology that Creates Pro-Level Waves

Creating big waves is the most important part of wave surfing or wakeboarding, and our wake boats capable of satisfying your needs. Our technology will make you feel like a pro as our RAMFILL Ballast wave technology is able to create pro-level waves in as little as 90 seconds or less. Not only does this make things more convenient for you, but it allows wakeboarders of all skill levels to improve their skills.

This Powerful Opti-V Hull Design Changes the Game

Another part of what makes our technology stand apart from our competition is our Opti-V Hull design. This design is able to displace more water, quickly forming the world’s best waves on either side and creates unmatched side to side balance for a symmetrical and easy ride for wakeboarders and wave surfers of all skills. Centurion’s Opti-V Hull eliminates the overall shock of rough water for an amazingly smooth ride.

Finding the Sweet Spot with Our Boats

In the world of boating, sweet spots are everything. Typically, this sweet spot is off the back of the swimstep, where there is a continuous push. However, Centurion surf waves differ as we offer an overall surfable power for your waves. Our technology is helpful for people of all skill levels, whether you are a beginner trying to learn the ropes or a seasoned pro training for your next World Championship.