Ken Scribner

Driver Super Masters
Ken Schribner
Water Sports Warrior

We first started surfing in the early 2000's on Lake Texoma. My favorite trick is the double revert backside triple whammy. WE usually have some red dirt Texas country or classic rock & roll on the stereo.I always say a short prayer that no one gets this on film, without pictures there is no proof that it really happened.

My immediate family includes my beautiful wife Tanya, my wonderful daughter Paige, my talented son Jarrett and as a comp driver I have watched many of our pro surfers grow up and consider them my family as well. As you can tell tell by looking at me I am not to picky on food although, Mexican is my go too meal. I dislike slow cars in the fast lane. When I am not on the water I spend a ton of time riding and working on my motorcycles, I guess you could say I have a motorcycle fetish.

I spent 12 years on the school board and 9 as the president and I think some of the changes we made in the district during that time will be some of my greast achievements. Although being asked to drive at Worlds the last 5 years is about as cool as it get's in my book.

Sponsors: Centurion/Supreme boats, Sew Long Bimini, Roswell Marine, Joy Stick ropes, Blu Surf surf Boards, Phase 5 Skim boards, Resistol Hats