Jarrett Scribner

Pro Men Skim
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I began wakesurfing behind our 2001 model boat with tons of fat sacks trying to make a wave, I quickly got hooked and it took off from there. My favorite place to surf is Lake Texoma, in the muddy red river water!

My favorite trick is probably a Switch front 540 big spin or a big spin transfer.

My only playlist while riding is 80s rock and Texas country music. In my fathers words, “when you sign the check you can play your music”.

Before I compete I like to wax my board and listen to music.

I have one sister, and a dog which is basically my child.

My favorite food is Firehouse Subs I enjoy riding motorcycles, flying planes, playing with my dog, and spending time outside and on the lake.

I hate dirty boats. I get it from my dad, I’m a clean freak and have a little bit of OCD when it comes to clean boats and trucks.

Achievements: 2015 2nd place amateur men’s skim world championship | 2016 2nd place men’s outlaw skim world championship | 2019 6th place in pro men’s skim at worlds | Getting my private pilot license along with an instrument rating | Getting to be apart of the team Centurion family

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