Caitlin & Adam Wheeler

Pro Women Skim
Adam and Caitlin Wheeler

Adam and I got our first boat together in October 2014.

Adam and I have 1 daughter, Kiana and is now 1 years old. Kiana is such a blessing and joy to us! I didn't know how it would be coming back to competing in the 2022 season after taking the 2021 season off due to pregnancy, now being a brand new mom, and having a baby on the boat while training. But with hard work, a great coach (Adam), and my little cheerleader, I was able to finish my best place ever at worlds 2022 and get 4th in the pro division!  Also, I was the first mom to land a 540 big spin and switch bigger spin!  Adam and I both are physical therapist full time. I am a pediatric physcial therapist and work in the school district with children in special education. I love my job and it is so rewarding to help students access their school and engage with their peers. Adam is an outpatient physical therapist and treat orthopedic and geratric conditions. He sees up to 25 patients a day!  We also enjoy hiking, yoga, snowboarding, and hanging out with our dog Gunner! In addition, in the summer Adam and I do wakesurf lessons in CDA, ID for all level and ages! Feel free to reach out to us if you are in town and we would love to help progress your riding! 

Achievements: 4th place - Worlds Wake Surf Comp 2022 Female Pro Skim, 1st place - MNsurf King 2022 Female Pro Skim, 3rd place - Wild West Shootout 2021 Female Pro Skim, 2nd place Mnsurf King 2020 - Female Pro Skim, 2nd place - Cali Comp 2019 Female Pro Skim, 3rd place - Online Comp 2019 Female Pro Skim, 2nd place - Wild West Shootout 2019, 2rd place - AZ Wakesurf Comp 2019 Female Pro Skim, 3rd Place - 2019 Worlds Wakesurf Comp - Female Outlaw Skim

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