Ava Stewart

Professional Female Skim
Ava Stewart

I started really getting into wakesurfing in 2018. I mostly surf on Lake Minnetonka in Minnesota, and also on Gull Lake and Cross Lake.

My favorite trick is a gumby shuv. My favorite playlist while surfing is my chill boat playlist.

A routine that I do prior to competing is going on a walk with my brother to talk and get in the right mindset.

Tyler Stewart is my only brother and also a member of Team Supreme Boats.

My favorite food is chicken alfredo.

My favorite things to do outside of wakesurfing are playing hockey, lacrosse, and traveling. Something that most people wouldn’t know about me is that I am creative and love designing many different things. Some hobbies that I love are snowboarding/snowskating and painting.

Achievements 2022 Outlaw world champion with an undefeated season that year. 

Sponsors Centurion, Kanuk Board Co, Axil Swim, Boji Surf

Website avastewartsurfs.com