Save big at boat shows this year with this year’s boat show promotion.

Evolution is the gradual development of something, especially from a simple to a more sophisticated form. Centurion Boats has evolved the wake boat from one-dimensional function to intelligent multi-faceted performance that is multiplied by valuable features and options. If you choose Centurion at a 2020 boat show, you will also benefit from $5000.00 off of MSRP in addition to securing an evolved wake boat that offers the perfect ride every time.

The foundation of this wakeboat evolution begins with the 20 degrees of deadrise built into Centurion’s Opti-V Hull and a running surface specifically designed to produce the World’s best waves, wakes and ride. The Opti-V Hull was engineered to give you the deepest V in the industry, offering more water displacement for better wakes and waves. Centurion Boats additionally deliver as much as 5550 pounds of ballast, more than a 26-foot sweet surf spectrum, 90 seconds of fill time for as much as 2600 pounds of RAMFILL ballast, 1.8 second wave transfers with QuickSurf Pro and 6 seconds to plane even fully ballasted with QuickLaunch. The DNA of Centurion boats is further enhanced by strong construction, intelligent accommodations and a purpose-driven approach by which every new development is measured. With numbers like these it’s no question that Centurion is the next step in the evolution of the wakeboat.

Let us prove it to you, experience the evolution of the wake boat at a boat show this winter by using Centurion’s all new Augmented Reality (AR) RAMFILL App. Just point your phone camera at our sticker then up at any Fi23 or Fi25 to watch RAMFILL fill inside the boat in an augmented environment on your phone. Learn the power of RAMFILL and see how much time you can save on the water with 90 seconds of fill time, download the app today from the Apple App Store and experience the evolution of the wakeboat at your local boat show this winter.  Find your local dealer here and see our list of 2020 boat shows below.


2020 Centurion Dealer Boat Shows

Dates Show City Centurion Boat Show Website Dealer Website
Jan 3 Jan 5 Austin Boat Show Austin, TX Ski Dock
Jan 3 Jan 5 Treasure Valley Boat Show Boisie ID Dennis Dillion
Jan 8 Jan 12 Chicago Boat, RV & Outdoors Show Chicago, IL Lake Holiday Marine
Jan 8 Jan 12 Portland Boat Show Portland, OR Northwest Boat Sports
Jan 9 Jan 12 Nashville Boat & Sport Show Nashville TN Wake Maxx
Jan 9 Jan 12 Los Angeles Boat Show Los Angeles, CA Century Marine
Jan 10 Jan 12 Raleigh Boat Show Raleigh, NC Overby Marine
Jan 16 Jan 19 Atlanta Boat Show Atlanta, GA The Boat Shop
Jan 16 Jan 19 Hartford CT Hartford CT Lakeview Marine
Jan 17 Jan 19 Denver Boat Show Denver, CO Island Lake Marine
Jan 17 Jan 19 Huntsville Boat Show Huntsville, AL Heaney Equipment
Jan 17 Jan 26 Cincinatti Travel, Sports and Boat Show Cincinatti, OH Hern Marine WWW.HERNMARINE.COM
Jan 17 Jan 26 Milwaukee Boat Show Milwaukee, WI Center Pointe Marine
Jan 18 Jan 26 Detroit Boat Show Detriot, MI Mega Powersports
Jan 22 Jan 26 Louisville Boat, RV & Sports show Louisville, KY Marine Sales & Service
Jan 23 Jan 26 Minneapolis Boat Show Minneapolis, MN River Valley Power & Sport
Jan 23 Jan 26 Upstate South Carolina Boat Show Greenville, SC Upstate Marine
Jan 24 Jan 26 Oklahoma City Boat Show Oklahoma City, OK Tycoon Marine
Jan 24 Feb 1 Seattle Boat Show Seattle, WA Lynwood Motoplex
Jan 27 Feb 2 Tulsa Boat, Sport & Travel Show Tulsa, OK Tycoon Marine
Jan 30 Feb 2 Rochester Boat Show Rochester, NY Keuka WS
Jan 31 Feb 9 The Dallas Boat Show Dallas, TX Fish & Ski
Feb 1 Feb 9 Dallas Water Prove IT Stop Dallas, TX Action WS
Feb 5 Feb 9 Spokane National Boat Show Spokane, WA Stancraft Marine
Feb 5 Feb 9 Vancouver International Boat Show Vancouver, BC Wizard Lake Marine
Feb 6 Feb 9 Montreal Boat Show Montreal, Qubec Sport Marine WWW.SPORTMARINE.CA
Feb 6 Feb 9 Chattanooga Convention Center Show Chattanooga, TN Erwin Marine
Feb 6 Feb 9 Utah Boat Show & Watersports Expo Salt Lake City, UT BoardCo / Freds Marine
Feb 6 Feb 9 Calgary Sportsman & Boat Show Calgary, Alberta Absolute
Feb 7 Feb 9 Flathead Valley Boatshow Kalispell, MT Jesco Marine
Feb 7 Feb 9 Lexington KY Show Lexington, KY Marine Sales and Service
Feb 7 Feb 9 Mid-Atlantic Boat Show Charlotte, NC Carolina Water Sports
Feb 7 Feb 10 Columbia Boat Show Columbia, SC Upstate Marine
Feb 8 Feb 16 Boston Boat Show Boston, MA Silver Sands
Feb 12 Feb 16 Duluth Boat, Sport, & Travel Show Duluth, MN Wiley’s Marine
Feb 13 Feb 16 Wichita Sport Show Wichita, KS Shady Creek Marina
Feb 14 Feb 16 Sport, Boat & RV Show / Memphis Memphis, TN Shoups Marine
Feb 14 Feb 16 Richmond Boat Show Richmond, VA Overby Marine
Feb 14 Feb 23 Indianapolis Boat, Sport & Travel Show Indianapolis, IN N3 boat works
Feb ? Feb ? Desert Plunge Phoenix, AZ Century Marine
Feb 21 Feb 23 Mid-South Sports & Boat Show Memphis, TN Shoups Marine
Feb 26 Mar 1 Atlantic City Boat show Atlantic City Ski Haven Marine
Feb 28 Feb 29 Sodok’a Marina IN HOUSE Souix Falls SD Sodoka’s Marina
Feb 28 Mar 1 Central Carolina Boat & Fishing Expo Greensboro, NC Get Wet Marine
Mar 5 Mar 9 Knoxville Boat show Knoxville, TN Norris Lake WWW.NORRISLAKEBOATCENTER.COM
Mar 5 Mar 9 Moscow Boat Show Moscow, RU Ultra Boats
Mar 5 Mar 8 Japan Boat Show Yokohama Yokahama Japan Rotary Pier 88
Mar 6 Mar 8 Saskatoon Sports and Leisure Show Saskatoon, SK Robertsons
Mar 12 Mar 15 Central Oregon Sportsmans Show Bend OR Lifestyle Wake
Mar 12 Mar 15 Sacramento Boat Show Sacramento, CA Mello Marine 
Mar 12 Mar 15 Edmonton Sportsman & Boat Show Edmonton, AB Wizard Lake Marine
Mar 13 Mar 15 Arizona Boat Show Phoenix, AZ Century Marine 
Mar 13 Mar 15 Raleigh Boat Show Raleigh NC Overby Marine
Mar 13 Mar 15 Worcester MA Boat Show Worcester MA Lakeview Marine
Mar 25 Mar 29 Reno Boat Show Reno, NV Mello Marine
Mar 27 Mar 29 San Antonio Boat Show San Antonio, TX Ski Dock
Mar 26 Mar 29 North Bay Powersport and marine Napa CA Hillside Power Sports
Jun 11 Jun 14 Melbourne Boat show Melboure, Austrilla Costa marine

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