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Centurion Boats “Best Christmas Ever” Event

Planning to buy a water sports boat next year? Why not do it now and make this Christmas one of legendary proportions? Take advantage of the Centurion “Best Christmas Ever” Event! Buy a Centurion Boat between November 15, 2016 and December 31, 2016 and get a Santa-sized discount of as much as $6000, a boat […]

Centurion & Supreme Boats Host 2016 Dealer Meeting

Centurion & Supreme Boats held their annual Dealer Meeting and Sales School November 6-9. Dealers were invited to the spectacular Tenaya Lodge near Yosemite National Park to learn about the exceptional 2017 Centurion and Supreme boats and participate in sales training. Dealers collaborated on best practices while having fun with vendors and the Centurion and […]

Centurion Boats Continues Inspired Craftsmanship with the Vacuum Infusion Process

In the continuous quest to produce the world’s best waves, wakes and ride, Centurion Boats has implemented the Vacuum Infusion Processes (VIP) to all towboat model production. The Centurion Leadership Team has implemented the superior craftsmanship of VIP because it creates stronger, more consistent, and environmentally friendly boats. STRONG & CONSISTENT A high level of […]


Go Big With the New Ri257 from Centurion Boats

Meet the next big thing in towed water sports. The new Ri257 from Centurion has all the advantages of a 26 foot boat in waves, wakes, ride and accommodations. Flexible seating configurations, maximum water displacement hull design, 5550 pounds of available factory ballast and the available QuickSurf Pro Surf system find a home in the […]

Centurion Boats Awarded Patent for Ambitiously Designed Dash System

Centurion Boats has been awarded a patent for reimagining towboat control with the Side by Side High Definition (SxS HD) Touch Vision dash system in the Ri Series. This ambitious design has improved driver control of World Championship Centurion boats as well as the look of the dash. The SxS HD Touch Vision consists of […]

Centurion World Championship Towboat Technology Goes Silent and Earns Two Patents

Centurion Boats has introduced the patented SILENT STINGER® Wake Plate as an option on the 2017 Ri217, Ri237 and Ri257 models. The SILENT STINGER® is a forced water induction exhaust system built onto Centurion’s World Championship Stinger Wake Plate to dissipate exhaust noise and interference in the water. This Centurion innovation is so unique and functional it […]


The Centurion Boats Ri237  offers the World’s Best waves, wakes and ride in an ambitiously designed package built with inspired craftsmanship. This nearly 24-foot towboat accommodates 16 people and as much as 5100-pound ballast with room to spare. It simply dwarfs competitors with similar specs. The official towboat of the Centurion World Wake Surfing Championship, […]


Centurion 2016 WWSC Final Results and Recap

Fort Lauderdale, FL (September 28, 2016) – The 2016 Centurion World WakeSurfing Championships presented by GM Marine Engine Technology at Mills Pond was filled with amazing moments on the water for the final day of competition. Seventeen new World champions were crowned and an amazing 31 personal bests were pulled behind the Centurion Ri237. Men […]

Centurion 2016 WWSC Day 2 Results and Recap

The second day of the 2016 Centurion World WakeSurfing Championships presented by GM Marine Engine Technology proved to be more exciting than the first. The wake was perfectly dialed in on the Centurion Ri237 powered by PCM, making for some great performances from all the athletes. Paul Singer, Centurion & Supreme Boats President, said, “The […]

Centurion 2016 WWSC Day 1 Results and Recap

The 2016 Centurion World Wake Surfing Championship presented by GM Marine Engine Technology officially kicked off today with Masters Women Skim behind the Ri237 at Mills Pond in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The world’s best wake surf athletes took the water with perfect conditions this morning. A GM Marine Engine Technology by PCM powered Ri237 pulled […]

Centurion 2016 World Wake Surfing Championship Live on Eversport.tv

The Centurion World Wake Surfing Championship presented by GM Marine will be broadcast live September 22, 23 & 24, 2016. Eversport.tv, the home for live sports broadcasts, is webcasting the 2016 WWSC in realtime at Mills Pond Park in Fort Lauderdale, FL. High definition cameras mounted in the the two competition Centurion Ri237s will capture […]

2017 Centurion Ri237 Official World Wake Surfing Championship Towboat

The Official World Wake Surfing Championship towboat is the surf boat with the best waves, softest ride and the most industry buzz. The 2017 Centurion Ri237 powered with GM Marine Engine Technology by PCM will be pulling the next class of World Champions to their personal bests in Fort Lauderdale, FL. This Thursday, September 22, […]

Inspirational Wake Skating Legend Matt Manzari to Speak at Centurion World Surf Championship

The Centurion Boats World Wake Surfing Championship presented by GM Marine begins Thursday, September 22, 2016.  Along with Showcasing the World’s best waves being generated by the 2017 Centurion Ri237 and headlining top athletes and World Champion performances, Centurion Boats is welcoming Matt Manzari to speak at the Wake Surfing World Champions Dinner, Friday night. A […]


Centurion Ri237 Rated Best Towboat at Surf Fest 2016

Surf Fest 2016 presented by BoardCo, marks Utah Wake Addicts’ second annual wake surf festival where riders of varying skills and levels demo a variety of boards and premium wake surfing boats. After a full day of riding, surfers fill out surveys about the boards and boats rating each in a variety of categories. The […]

Centurion Boats Reimagines the World Wake Surfing Championship in Fort Lauderdale, FL for 2016

The Centurion World Wake Surfing Championship presented by GM Marine is back for 2016 as the pinnacle wake surf event of the season. The 2016 WWSC will be held September 22nd through the 24th at Mills Pond Park in Fort Lauderdale, FL. The evening of September 21st will be rider registration check in, this will be held at […]


Centurion and Supreme Boats #PasstheHandle on Weekend of Giving

Pass the Handle came a week early this year at Centurion and Supreme Boats. These Correct Craft Companies combined Pass the Handle day with a Weekend of Giving on July 16, 2016. In addition to a canned food drive and Lake Yosemite clean-up, Centurion and Supreme chose to give the fun of towed water sports […]


Northwest Boat Sports Growing Centurion & Supreme Boats in the Portland Area

MILWAUKIE, OR (July 1, 2016) – The No.1 Selling Supreme Boats Dealer, Northwest Boat Sports (NWBS), just finished their first full year as a Centurion Boats Dealer. Even as a relatively new dealership in the Portland Area, NWBS managed to extend their No.1 selling Supreme dealer status as well as grow their local Centurion Boats […]

Worlds Best Wake Surfers Go Viral Behind Centurion Boats

The adventure videography team at Supertramp takes Centurion Boats and pro wake surfing viral with their latest YouTube video release. The video “World’s Best Wakesurfers in 4K” was posted on the devinsupertramp YouTube channel on June 14, 2016. 48 hours later this video showcasing extreme wake surfing behind the 2017 Centurion Ri237 and the new […]


Centurion Boats Re-imagines Market Share with 35% Growth

With the close of the first quarter of 2016, Centurion is reimagining market share growth. Centurion Boats has always been based on innovation, but exciting new product, leadership and Correct Craft company culture has sparked the re-imagination of the Centurion brand. Water sports enthusiasts are now choosing Centurion boats for next generation versatile performance, ambitious […]

World-renowned wake skater Austin Polterock joins Centurion Boats Pro Team

Centurion Boats has always supported a pro team routed in high performance and strong character. These team traits have been amplified with the recent re-imagination of the Centurion brand through fresh design, new leadership, and joining the Correct Craft family. The addition of world-renowned wakeskater Austin Polterock is a result of re-thinking the Centurion brand. […]