Shane Blanton

Shane Blanton

Personal Stats

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    Hartland, WI
  • Residence
    Oconomowoc, WI
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Career Highlights

3rd Place Outlaw; 2012 USA Wake Surf National Championship

Biography Wakesurfer

Growing up I was never really into board sports, I would try everything from wakeboarding to, skateboarding, to snowboarding in the winter time. My brother was always the one who caught on really fast, and I would be the kid falling all the time. So after highschool I wanted to get back into a wake sport because I was always pulling my brother wakeboarding. I tried wakeskating for about a year riding behind boat, and cable. i managed to learn a Ollie fs shuv, but I never progressed passed that. Then one day my brother told me about wakesurfing, and luckily one of his friends left a board out at the lake. First day out on the lake, i tossed in the rope and surfed for the first time behind our boat. I was instantly hooked. i began looking up boards to get, tricks to learn, and watching videos of people surfing. I bought my first Phase 5 at the end of 2009, which I landed my first surface 360 on. Once I started learning new tricks and improved, I would post short videos of my riding on Facebook. Fortunately for me, phase 5 saw some of them and decided to pick me up as a team rider. Ever since, I have been in 2 phase 5 team videos, made new sponsors, and made my first podium in 2012.


Win Outlaw Skim at Worlds this year, and one day make it to the Pro ranks

Home Lake

Ashippun Lake, WI

Why ride Centurion?

The wave an Enzo creates is bigger and cleaner that any other wave on the market.


Centurion Boats, Phase 5,, SPY Optics, Sidewinder Wakesurfing

Biggest accomplishment in your sports:

3rd Place, USA Wake Surf National Championship, Outlaw Division

Who would you like to thank or give props to?

All of my friends and family that have supported me through the years, without them I wouldn't be where I am today.

Daily Rate?

$300 + travel and lodging

Centurion Boats