Nick Parsons

Nick Parsons

Personal Stats

  • Birthday
  • Birthplace
    Bountiful, UT
  • Residence
    Salt Lake City , UT
  • Favorite
    Carbon Pro

Career Highlights

Ukraine Open, 1st Place, 2010, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine

Malaysian World Cup, 1st Place, 2009, Putrajaya, Malaysia

Alizee Cup, 1st Place, 2009, Geneva, Switzerland

Princes Pro Am, 1st Place, 2007, London, England

Ski West Pro, 1st Place, 2007, Paris, France

Diablo Shores Pro Am, 2nd Place, 2011, San Francisco, California

Princes Pro Am, 2nd Place, 2010, London, England

U.S. Masters, 2nd Place, 2010, Callaway Gardens, Georgia

Global Marine Mastercraft Pro, 2nd Place, 2009, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Mastercraft Pro Tour, 2nd Place, 2008, Charlestown, South Carolina

Mastercraft Pro Tour, 2nd Place, 2008, Flint, Michigan

Waterski Mag Pro Slalom, 2nd Place, 2006, Orlando, Florida

U.S. Waterski Nationals, 1st Place, 1996, 2007 and 2008

Biography 3 Event Skier

I was born, raised, and currently live in Utah. As a kid in the summers my family went to the lake daily. I was pushed by my father to ski and learned to love the sport as I grew older. I graduated in Civil Engineering from the University of Utah, however, I now work as a baker. I am a third generation baker. My grandfather started the original Parsons' Bakery and my father owns and operates another bakery were I work each day. Water skiing and baking have become complimentary for me. While in skiing I am always trying to find a new ski shape and settings, at the bakery I am always changing my recipes to get the best bread. Baking artisan bread and pastries by morning and waterskiing by afternoon is my daily schedule.

The Yeti

Carbon Pro

Goode Nano 1

Why do you ski Centurion?
The Centurion Carbon Pro's sport specific design has brought me piece of mind. No other boat company is designing boats specifically for 3-event tournament waterskiing. I choose Centurion because I want to the boat made for the job, a 3-event tournament waterski boat. For slalom, the Carbon Pro is lighter and has a cleaner wake then any boat out there. There is no frothy-white water, no big troughs, or rooster tails that would adversely effect my skiing.

Goode Ski Technologies, Camaro Wetsuits, Marine Products Pro Shop

Home Lake/River
Sunten Lakes, Tooele, UT

I've had one goal for the past few years which I think is attainable. Running 41 off in a tournament is something I strive for each year.


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