Melissa Marquardt

Melissa Marquardt

Personal Stats

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    Laguna Hills, CA
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    Canyon Lake, CA
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Career Highlights

Biography Wakeboarder

I am really excited to be on the Centurion Team. Nothing beats hanging out on the boat with friends and family on a sunny day. I have been wakeboarding since I was 13. Growing up by the lake, my family loved to be on the boat together. My Dad and Mom always made sure we loved what we did and make good decisions. My parents knew I was going to be an athlete when I was three and at our swimming lessons graduation we were allowed to jump off the high diving board and I did a flip off of it to surprise them. I never thought I would be where I am today with wakeboarding, but I just continued to wakeboard because I loved it and never stopped wanting to progress. Through many injuries I have learned that having a healthy diet, cross training , and yoga is very important to staying strong and healthy. Wakeboarding has allowed me to travel and meet lifetime friends around the world. I am so grateful for the opportunities wakeboarding, my sponsors, family and friends have given me, and to be a part of a growing sport.


Canyon lake, CA

Favorite places to ride?


Favorite Food?

Ice cream, sushi, and Thai

Hobbies and Sports?

I love to snowboard, skate, surf, dive, mountain bike, camp, spend time with friends and family, take weekend trips to Mexico, paint, cook and bake.


Centurion, Liquid Force, Monster Energy, GoPro, Body Glove, Kicker, Spy, Cobian, and Boardco.

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