Keenan Flegel

Keenan Flegel

Personal Stats

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    Ft. Lauderdale, FL
  • Residence
    Lighthouse Point, FL
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Career Highlights

1st place overall at 2010 World Wake Surfing Championship.
1st place open men's Skim at 2012 World Wake Surfing Championship.
1st place open men's Surf at 2013 World Wake Surfing Championship.

Biography 5x World Wake Surfing Champion

I was never really a team sports kid. I started off with in-line skating and skateboarding when I was still in diapers. When I was six years old some older kids in a little dingy taught me how to wakeboard in the intercoastal behind my house. I was hooked. Luckily my family found the LTS Wakeboard School only ten minutes from house and my brother and I have been training with Dean Lavelle for about 8 years now. Before wakesurfing I was very into wakeboarding and was doing well in competitions for my age level. One day I tried wakesurfing and I never wanted to wakeboard again. I transitioned from wakeboarding to wakesurfing and continued from there. I got involved with Inland Surfer at the World Championships in 2005. After winning the juniors division in 2005 I was officially on the Inland surfer team. From there I practiced and decided to enter the open division at the next World Championships. At the age of thirteen I made it to the finals and got fifth place at the 2008 World Championships. After seeing Drew Danielo's final run in 2008 I was inspired to learn all those tricks and come back for the win at the next World Championships. That's exactly what I did.

My latest endeavor has been to create a surf style board for Inland Surfer. I would like to compete in both surf and skim on my own pro model boards. Currently, other than wakesurfing, I surf every chance I get, as well as skimboarding, skateboarding, wakeskating, wakeboarding, and lacrosse. I am a junior and honor roll student in high school at North Broward Prep School. When I'm not at school or lacrosse practice you can usually find me at the beach or the lake. Thanks to my parents and sponsors for supporting me and providing me with these opportunities.

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Where did you grow up?

Deerfield Beach, FL


Younger brother, Noah

What are your goals?

Get into surf style wakesurfing as well as skim style and just have fun with the sport.


Centurion Boats, Inland Surfer, Reef, Body Glove, Lavelle Train Station, and Island Water Sports

Biggest accomplishment in your sports:

Won the World Wakesurf Championships 2010


Riding any type of board, being in the water, and food.


Sitting in class when there are waves


Cheese, Pasta, Chipotle, etc...

Beliefs? Outlooks on life?

Life is what you make it.

Favorite rider and why?

Scott Culp, never seen anyone else have so much fun wakesurfing.


Inland Surfer Keenan Flegel Pro model

What first inspired you to begin wakesurfing?

Just tried it one day and loved it.

How often do you get to ride?

Once a week on average, but it depends on the season.

Who would you like to thank or give props to?

Thanks to mom and dad for supporting me in whatever I do and for always being there. Also thanks to all my sponsors for the support and opportunities.

Daily Rate?

$300 + travel and lodging

Centurion Boats