Caroline Villeneuve

Caroline Villeneuve

Personal Stats

  • Birthday
  • Birthplace
    Chambly, Québec, Canada
  • Residence
    Elko, British Columbia, Canada
  • Favorite
    Enzo 244

Career Highlights

2011 - 2nd place (women’s skim open) / NWWSA Wakesurf Open - Lake Sammamish, WA
2011 - 3rd place (women’s skim open) / World Wakesurfing Championship - Parker, AZ
2010 & 2009 - 1st place (women’s open) / NWWSA Wakesurf Open - Lake Sammamish, WA
2009 - 1st place (women’s open) / Wakesurf Cup - St-Jean, Qc (Canada)
2008 & 2007 - 1st place (women’s open) / Challenge Wakesurf Memphrémagog - Magog, Qc

Biography Wakesurfer

I could swim before I could walk! I did all my certifications to be swimming instructor & lifeguard while I was taking Music (Latin percussions) in College. I did my university studies in Kinesiology and worked for the Canadian Coat Guard for 4 years! I also took many other clinics and courses to bring my coaching to another level. Since 1999, I have been coaching over 15 different aquatic disciplines and water sports across Canada (few in the USA).

I was already wakeboarding occasionally with my friends but only discovered wakesurfing in 2007 while training with Orbite Sport. That same year, I started to compete in both disciplines and to coach with the team. In 2007 & 2008, I participated in 7 competitions and placed twice 1st & twice 2nd. I did pretty good and I really enjoyed Wakesurfing so I decided to concentrate all my training time into it! In 2009, I attended my first competition in the States with Board Stiff as my only sponsor. Winning the 2009 & 2010 NWWSA Wakesurf Open helped me to get offers for sponsorship but also gave me the chance to meet-up with awesome riders! During my off-season, I had the chance to train with Dominic Lagacé & Sean Cummings, which motivated me even more! I am now very proud to represent important companies like Inland Surfer & Centurion Boats! I also recently got recruited by Wake Shredder as a team member!

Thanks to everyone that has been on my wakesurfing path of happiness & success!

Where did you grow up?

Chambly (20 minutes away from Montréal), Québec, Canada


2…. 1 brother & 1 sister (I’m the youngest)

What are your goals?

Learning new tricks & having fun! But also hope to attend more competitions for this upcoming season... I love to see the progression of the sport every year & meet-up with the riders! I also want to keep promoting the sport & hold a competition in the beautiful Canadian Rockies!


Centurion Boats, Inland Surfer, Board Stiff, Wake Shredder, Absolut Watersports & Sunshine Houseboats

Biggest accomplishment in your sports:

Starting my own Wakeschool in the Canadian Rockies: H2O School Ltd. was a very big step for me but I have to admit that going up on the podium at the 2011 World Wakesurf Championships definitely put a smile in my face!


Wakesurfing, Wakeboarding, Swimming and Diving Instructor & Owner of H2O School Ltd.
Wakesurfing Pro Rider


Like to go river surfing before my wakesurfing season starts. Also love to snowskate, snowmobile & snowboard in the Rocky Mountains in the winter time!


Having to wait 8 months to go back to my very short wakesurfing season & still having to get in cold water temperature at 52’F (about 11’C) in June!


I like pretty much anything……. but definitely not a big fan of spicy food!

Beliefs? Outlooks on life?

If you have a dream, reach high & grab it!

Favorite rider and why?

Dominic Lagacé…. Very talented, lots of technical tricks, he is working hard to push the sport, he travels all across the world, he shows a good attitude and has a great personality… & he is also an awesome coach!


Inland Surfer: Keenan Flegel Pro model


2012 Centurion Enzo 244

What first inspired you to begin wakesurfing?

I was only wakeboarding but every time the water was choppy, my coach was suggesting me to wakesurf instead. Stubborn like I am, I was usually wakeboarding anyways! The day I saw white caps on the river, I had the choice to go home or wakesurf… so I finally decided to try it! I guess I did pretty well as I attended 2 competitions in Québec that year and got 4th & 1st place!

How often do you get to ride?

Not enough! We have a really short season here in the Canadian Rockies…. So from June to September, I usually try to ride 1 to 3 times a week… and almost every day in the summer peak when we are living on our houseboat right on the lake!

Who would you like to thank or give props to?

Really want to thanks everyone that believed in me and supported me over the years! Starting by my parents, Orbite Sport’s crew (my first sponsor) and all my coaches! Also a big thanks to all my current sponsors: Inland Surfer, Centurion Boats, Board Stiff, Wake Shredder & Loki!

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