Tim Vaio

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Tim Vaio

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    Sacramento, California
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    2013 Carbon Pro

AWSA Ski Division/Events

Slalom (our three boys a Slalom / Trick / Jump)


Slalom (our three boys a Slalom / Trick / Jump)
Sr. Judge - Slalom
Asst 3 Event Driver
PB of 3 @ 38' off
Competed in 9 of the last 10 Nationals

We also have 3 boys who are Nationally rated 3 event skiers.  Tyler - 17 (3rd overall in Western Regionals in 2009 B2), Alec (3rd overall in 2012 Western Regionals B2, 3rd in slalom 2012 Western Regionals B2), Peter (5th overall in 2009 Nationals, 4th overall in Western Regionals 2012).

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