Bri Chmel

Bri Chmel

Personal Stats

  • Birthday
  • Birthplace
    Sedro Wooley, WA
  • Residence
    Santa Cruz, CA
  • Favorite
    Enzo 244

Career Highlights

6x World Wake surfing Champion

Biography 7x World Wake Surfing Champion

A little bit about me... I have been an athlete ever since I was three years old. I started off in soccer, and in high school was on the Washington State Olympic Development Program (top 18 players in the state). At the time, I was also a professional snowboarder, ranking 5th in the nation for Boardercross. Soon after, I found watersports, and fell in love with kiteboarding. The moment I graduated from high school I moved to Hood River, OR to pursue my dream of becoming a professional kiteboarder. From the age of 18-24 I competed around the world, and got the first cover of a magazine for a female in the history of the sport. My favorite thing to do in the sport was photos and videos, and was definitely one of the highest marketed females in the industry at that time. My next sport was wakeskating, and I moved to Orlando to ride year round, live on a lake, and finish college. At this time, I got sponsored by Centurion Boats, and went to BoardStock in 2006 for their photoshoot, where I first saw wakesurfing. After watching the World Wakesurfing Championships that summer, I was convinced that I could win the following year- but first I had to learn how to wakesurf! I rode every day for the next 12 months, and have won worlds ever since. I love wakesurfing so much- it is so mellow (yet technical) and it is something that is so fun to do with a group! When I graduated from college in Orlando with my bachelors in Business Marketing and Sales, I moved out to the San Francisco Bay area, where I now worked in medical sales. I still travel around the world kiteboarding, and I wakesurf all summer in Discovery Bay, which is an hour away. I am super into hiking with my Mini Australian Shepherd "Kiwi", yoga, stand up paddle boarding in the waves, and traveling to new exotic countries. I still also spend a lot of time at my house in Hood River, OR, and my house in La Ventana, Baja Mexico. Sports make my life incredible, adventurous and challenging- they have made me into who I am!!!

Where did you grow up?

Bellingham, Washington



What are 3 things you point out to someone at a boat show to sell Centurion over a competitor's boat?

The wakesurfing wake is so much better than any other boat, the sideswipe allows you to adjust the side that the exhaust comes out, and the layout of the boat is awesome.

What are your goals?

To continue to push the sport of wakesurfing on the girl's side.


Centurion, Victoria Skimboards, DaKine, H2O Audio

Biggest accomplishment in your sports:

Winning the Wakesurfing World Championships three years in a row, being the first female to get the cover of The Kiteboarder Magazine, (April 2005)


Medical Sales


Kiteboarding, paddleboarding, hiking, yoga, traveling, yachts, my dog Kiwi


Unreliable people that lack integrity.


Real Italian, sushi, Thai

Beliefs? Outlooks on life?

Everything happens for a reason. All opportunities present themselves at the right time. Take life day by day. Out of every situation you can learn something, whether it is good or bad. Trust.

Favorite rider and why?

Drew Danielo, wakeskating and wakesurfing. He walks on water.


Custom Victoria 46" skimboard


Centurion Avalanche and Enzo

What first inspired you to begin wakesurfing?

I was at Boardstock/World Wakesurf Championships in 2006 while I was participating in a Centurion photoshoot, and I watched the wakesurf contest. I decided right then and there that although I didn't know how to wakesurf yet, I was going to win worlds in 2007. After Boardstock, I went back to Orlando and started riding every day, and have won worlds (and every other major contest) ever since.

How often do you get to ride?

When it is warm enough, and also when I am not working.

What sets you apart from other female wakesurfers?

I am constantly trying new tricks, no matter if I am riding regular or goofy. I am one of the smaller girls in the sport, so I guess that sets me apart from most. Other girls get stressed out or too serious when out riding, but I always ride better when I'm relaxed and smiling.

Who would you like to thank or give props to?

My parents. They have been there for me my whole life!


Some people make things happen, some people watch things happen, and others say “what happened?”

Daily Rate?

$400 per day plus travel.

Centurion Boats