Aaron Reed

Aaron Reed

Personal Stats

  • Birthday
  • Birthplace
    Stuart, FL
  • Residence
    Wimberley, TX
  • Favorite
    Enzo FX22

Career Highlights

Alliance Rider of the Year
2006 World Champion
2006 X Games Champion

Biography Wakeskater

I have been in love with the water as long as I can remember. Whether it was fishing, skiing, or kneeboarding, growing up I was always doing something on a boat. At 14 I found wakeboarding and at 19, wakeskating. Since then there has been no looking back. I have been extremely fortunate to be involved with this sport since it's early days. Wakeskating has given me everything over the past decade. My life wouldn't be the same without it. From the close friends, to the countless shred ready pals I have met along the way, wakeskating has afforded me the opportunity to be around the greatest people. I even met my wife on a wakeskating trip! The past decade has been a blast, but I have no plans of slowing down now. Wakeskating is growing and progressing faster than ever, and that is exactly what I have planned for myself. Gotta keep moving!!!

Where did you grow up?

Palm City, Florida


One sister

3 Things to Point Out About Centurion

1. The quality is unmatched. From the tower to the transom, this boat is made with quality products and engineering.
2. The options are incredible. Completely customizable from the bottom up, the color combinations alone are unrivaled!
3. The technology is incredible. Centurion has always been way ahead of the game in this department and that has not changed. Centurion constantly challenges the status quo and delivers an incredible product. And fourth is the new 5 year warranty. You literally can't beat it!


To win a boat contest in 2014.


Centurion Boats, Liquid Force, Obscura Wakeskates, Monster Energy, Oneill, Performance Ski and Surf, The Texas Ski Ranch


Wakeskater, Co-Owner/Founder Obscura Wakeskates


Woodworking, skateboarding, food




Mexican!!! Anything homemade

Beliefs? Outlooks on life?

Enjoy life and don't sweat the small stuff. It will work out.

Favorite Rider

Scott Byerly. Best style since day one. A true legend.


My wife Jami Lane, Danny Hampson, and my parents.


Obscura Shift


Enzo FX22

Centurion Boats