The 2012 Centurion WWSC is in the books

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The 2012 Centurion WWSC is in the books

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October 09, 2012

With competitors from around the Globe the four day event on the beautiful Colorado river proved to be the most competitive showdown in history. Hosted by the BlueWater Resort & Casino the crowd witnessed a display of wake surfing like none other. Riders displayed innovative tricks and brought an arsenal of new maneuvers never before seen in competition. Centurion Team Rider Chris Kinsey introduced the "Fishstick", an aerial influenced by the Benihana. James Lovett brought the "Superman Lovett Roll" (an aerial barrel roll) and Centurion Team Rider Keenan Flegel brought the 540 degree shuv-it. These were just three amazing tricks stacked up against the greatest maneuver ever attempted and stuck in history, Chase Hazen executed a Passion Pop which consisted of an aerial to double-grab, to 180 degree rotation, landing into a surface 180 to switch followed by a 180 degree body varial to return to his regular stance. It is a mark in wake surfing history, something so innovative even the announcers didn't know what to call it, incorrectly labeling the trick "Passion River Dance".

Representing Austin, Texas; Raleigh Hager absolutely blew the crowd away with her aerials with an extremely high degree of air and amplitude. Determined to take home her share of $40,000 in the Women's Pro Surf she decorated her finals pass with a backside suface rotation, a variety of grabs and closed her run with a series of air 180's to take home her first World Wake Surfing Championship. At only 10 years of age, Raleigh earned $6,000 becoming the World Champion against competitors that were more than double her age!

Centurion Team Rider Bri Chmel took home a 5th consecutive World Title with an extremely technical run that was not limited to surface rotations. A crowd favorite, Bri brought her backside and frontside shuv-its, shuv to spin combo and 360 degree shuv-it with a surface rotation combo.

Centurion Team Riders Noah & Keenan Flegel brought their "A" game in the Men's Pro Surf & Skim divisions bringing home a combined $12,000 as each dominated the podium. Keenan Flegel in the Men's Pro Surf brought his unique style, skim influenced yet all surf, as he displayed surf-style shuv-in and shuv-outs, Air 180 to shuv-out and surf-style bigspins which consists of a 360 degree shuv-it with a 180 body varial. Over the weekend Keenan dazzled the crowd and ultimately brought it home when it counted in the finals. Noah, 3rd place Men's Pro Skim champion, brought out his big guns to take his first title edging out not only his brother Keenan but 10 other professional wake surfers.

The World Wake Surfing Championship brought an even larger attendance online. Utilizing LIVE broadcast capability the World Wake Surfing Championship webcast captured over 30,000 sessions in attendance, 6,520 unique devices and over 980 concurrent users.

The Results:

Mens Pro Skim

1st Place: Noah Flegel (308, 195, 503) ($6,000)
2nd Place: Aaron Witherell (265, 159, 424) ($3,000)
3rd Place: Drew Danielo (6X Champion) (197, 141, 338) ($1,000)

Womens Pro Skim

1st Place: Bri Chmel (5X Champion) (216, 231, 447)($6,000)
2nd Place: Jaqualine Fort (199, 214, 413) ($3,000)
3rd Place: Caroline Villeneuve (131, 180, 311) ($1,000)

Mens Pro Surf

1st Place: Keenan Flegel (1X Champion) (217, 218, 435) ($6,000)
2nd Place: James Walker (1X Champion) (216, 216, 432) ($3,000)
3rd Place: Chase Hazen (1X Champion) (132, 213, 345) ($1,000)

Womens Pro Surf

1st Place: Raleigh Hager (106, 169, 275) ($6,000)
2nd Place: Ashley Kidd (88, 178, 266) ($3,000)
3rd Place: Rebecca Ort (2X Champion) (106, 126, 232) ($1,000)

Womens Outlaw Skim

1st Place: Vanessa Gonzalez (132, 61, 193)
2nd Place: Brittney Nyrose (104, 85, 189)
3rd Place: Jackie Costa (83, 51, 134)

Mens Outlaw Surf

1st Place: Trevor Miller (117, 80, 197)
2nd Place: Chris Bank (109, 84, 193)
3rd Place: Zane Montgomery (109, 70, 179)

Womens Outlaw Surf

1st Place: Angie Viland (67, 81, 148)
2nd Place: Jordan Wolfe (50, 74, 124)
3rd Place: Mackenzie Turk (12, 49, 61)

Mens Outlaw Skim

1st Place: Ellis Fort (168, 83, 251)
2nd Place: Richard McCully (147, 79, 226)
3rd Place: Edric Alvarez (125, 76, 201)

Womens Am Skim

1st Place: Anastasia Dykanova
2nd Place: Raya Walker
3rd Place Jax Armstrong

Womens Am Skim

1st Place: Taylor Wolfe
2nd Place: Emily Agate
3rd Place: Aisha Van Wieringen

Mens Am Skim

1st Place: Grant Witherell
2nd Place: Trevor Fearson
3rd Place: Ty Armstrong

Mens Am Surf

1st Place: Grant Witherell
2nd Place: Chris Stephan
3rd Place: Cody Jones

Womens Masters

1st Place: Saskia Groenewegen
2nd Place: Cindy Tompkins
3rd Place: Judy Walker

Mens Masters

1st Place: Scott Culp (3x Champion)
2nd Place: Mike Viland
3rd Place: Eric Grindland

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