Centurion History

Ramfill Ballast Technology

The Centurion RAMFILL ballast technology is the most revolutionary ballast system ever. The hull is flooded instantly with an underwater scoop that is controlled by the Centurion Touch Vision System. The ballast system will vent out the side of the RAMFILL vents and it empties from the transom RAMFILL drains. The system will fill an Enzo in under 30 seconds. It is the most ballast available of any boat and it is achieved without pumps, sacs or delay.
The deepest hull and deepest degree of V in Centurion's wake boat building history. Engineered from the ground up to provide the biggest, longest, hardest waves with the greatest amount of adjustability; this is professional wake surfing. Much like its predecessor, racing inspired design is evident with a plush mix of luxury as the FX44 has become the flagship wakeboard and wake surfing boat for Centurion. Sleek lines with a powerful stance highlighting the loading ramp is only shadowed by the huge hammerhead bow and spacious cabin. Quickfill ballast, carbon fiber scoops, and the PCM 450hp are standard with the ability to outfit in the professional configuration with the CATS system, RAMFILL ballast and so much more. The most advanced Enzo to date for Centurion.


Centurion Articulating Tracking System

The Centurion Articulating Tracking System has been re-released for 2014 as the most advanced wake shaping technology for wakeboarding and wake surfing. The CATS system allows for deflection of the bow to refine the shape of the wave from skim or surf styles. For wake boarding, wake shaping is done instantly regardless of how the boat is weighted or where people are sitting.
When it comes to engine performance for a weighted wake boat is always going to come down to throughput. The Enzo series boats all have intakes at the bow but also carry side vents that bring air into the engine compartment. The risk with vents on such low profile boats is water intake, especially with the blower inlet residing in the same vent. Engineers at Centurion weighted, tested and shaped wake deflectors, then weighted, tested and shaped again. The result is beautiful carbon fiber vent covers that are designed for the optimal weight for your Enzo with zero chance of water rushing into the boat, engine compartment, blower or the locker. If you are serious about wake boarding and wake surf know that Centurion is serious about protecting your investment and optimal performance. They may be beautiful, but believe it, its function over form.

Carbon Fiber Scoops

Aegis Tower

Centurion's Aegis Tower designed for performance and function as it effortlessly collapses 7" lower than its predecessor. Inspired by Centurion's salt water Commercial Flight Division Parasail boats to help make it the best tower on the water. Featuring CNC billet aluminum construction can hold 4 sets of board racks, speakers and is pre-wired with heavy gauge wiring for maximum performance for accessories. Centurion-owned design is hard anodized versus powder coated for greater longevity and maintenance free performance.
Centurion's Touch Vision technology has been released in two systems, the Touch Vision System and the Micro-Touch Vision. Standard on the SV & FX Enzos delivers a 7" touchscreen controls all ballast, wing plates, courtesy, dash, tower, and LED lighting; speed control, rider profiles and instrumentation all at the touch of a finger. The Micro Touch, standard on all Value Series boats provides a quick, intuitive and amazingly user-friendly interface that gives you total control in a 3.5" touchscreen panel.

Touch Vision & Micro Touch Vision Systems

Enzo FX Hull Introduced, The Enzo FX22

The new Enzo FX Hull with the Hammerhead Bow has a sleek, aerodynamic design where form and function come together to create a confluence of artistic efficiency. The FX Hull was developed applying methods used for world-class racecars, then applying them to the Centurion experience so that all boaters can extract maximum enjoyment no matter what your watersports choice is.
The ProVision II display is a state of the art multi-functional control center that provides GPS tracking, Audio, Cruise control, and allows you to view many different engine, ballast, trim parameters and service codes easily.

Pro Vision II

Carbon Pro with Gun Sight

Raising the bar. The Carbon Pro is introduced as a no-compromise three-event machine built for championship performance. Unique Carbon Transfer construction yields an incredibly lightweight boat and low-impact hull that displaces less water, yielding a soft, flat wake and no spray for the best possible skier experience. The space-age foundation is complimented by a host of industry-leading innovations like the millimeter-perfect pulls delivered by the all-new Gun Sight.
Form meets function! The Centurion Pro-Vision displays information in a large 6.5" graphical color format that is clear, concise, and easy to view. Convenience at your finger-tips is an understatement. With five hot buttons and a squash pad, all critical system and navigation information is easily accessible. The hot buttons cue graphical control information, display additional gauge information, and reveal format options for various gauge data like simulated analog gauges and graphical depth charts.

Centurion Pro-Vision (First Digital Gauge)

Quick Fill Ballast System (Hull Flooding Ballast System)

The integrated Hull Flooding Ballast Wake System fills in under a minute adding 1000 pounds of water weight and empties even faster. No pump needed! Absolutely no bow-rise and effortless planing.
The Gladiator tower set the industry standard with a sleek look, performance, and functionality all in one. This was Centurion’s first internally designed tower and also their first cast-designed tower. A key engineering point was the two mounting points that made breakdown a simple task.

Gladiator Tower (First Cast Tower, First Centurion Owned Design & Tower)

Commercail Flight Division Established

Centurion established its Commercial Boat Division and launched an R&D project to create a highly efficient state of the art commercial vessel capable of passenger transport and parasail operations. Marine Architect Dave Triano collaborated with the Centurion Team with CNC-CAD CAM drawings that were hydro dynamically confirmed then converted to aircraft quality molds plus cut on a 5 axis jumbo computerized router.
Centurion boats are available with the new VTF fins. VTF, which stands for Ventilated Tracking Fins, releases the pressure build up by the water on the tracking fins of the boat, thus reducing vibration and noise. Again, Centurion technology enhancing the smoothest ride on the water.

VTF Fins

Enzo Series Introduced

With racing roots seeded in the 60's, it's no wonder Centurion continues to surprise the marine world with stand-out styling inspired by the automotive industry. Sleek, stylish and powerful, the Enzo Series immediately commanded attention whether parked for a party, charting a new course, or launching riders off legendary wakes. It's hard not to stare at the beautiful curves, polished accents and smooth mesh vents, that represents the most elite towboat line introduced to date.
The latest innovation for Centurion is the new Sideswipe exhaust system. This patented system allows you to surf tucked up in the barrel, just behind the transom. It vents exhaust to the side of the boat, away from the rider. When used properly you can surf the "never ending wave". Sideswipe exhaust brings long wave riding to every corner of America.

Sideswipe Exhaust

ICS Construction

In 1999 Centurion received awards from Powerboat Magazine for product excellence - followed by another in 2000. The bar was raised further when Centurion engineers introduced ICS. ICS (Integrated Composite System) took all the components of the hull, deck, and support system and put them into a single, solid mold. Centurion introduced the smoothest ride ever experienced in a towboat.
Centurion introduced the world to the Unified Composite System, a high-tech construction process that eliminated wood from the structure of the watersport boat.

UCS Construction Eliminates Wood

Elite V-Drive Introduced

The Elite V-drive is a legend in the Centurion Hall of Fame. With ICS and its proven design it is still one of the hottest-selling boats on the market. It's had many alter egos - the Air Warrior, the Hurricane, the Lightning - but none will ever be the Elite V-drive.
Centurion remained at the industry forefront with the development of the first towboat specifically designed for wakeboarding and wake-surfing. Called the WAVE, it had an elevated rope anchor point, built-in water ballast system to increase wake size, giant aft storage lockers, and a huge launch platform. One of the criteria insisted on by the Centurion engineering and test teams were that you could surf behind the boat. After testing, it was found that the wakes were good enough to hold the first World WakeSurfing Championship that same year.

First Watersport Specific Boat - The Wave

C.A.T. Fins

Yet again, Centurion turned the water sports world upside-down - this time with steering technology. Centurion developed the patented Centurion Articulating Tracking System (CATS), which featured the first articulating front fin. This design enhanced steering tracking ability.
After manufacturing many V-drive race boats, Centurion built the first V-drive water sports towboat, the Falcon V-Drive. Going against the norm by placing the engine in the back, Centurion paved the way for innovative seating arrangements, smoother rides (due to the straked V-bottom) and, ultimate, bigger wakes for the soon to come wakeboarding market. Centurion pioneered the future V-drive technology and continues to develop it to this day.The Falcon V-Drive was Hot Boat Magazine's Ski Boat of the Year.

First V-Drive

Trutrac II with Spray Rails

On a hunch, our engineers bolted some two-by-fours to the side of a boat and shaped it to reduce spray. This experiment ultimately led to the TruTrac II with the world's first "S" spray rails. Today, all significant tournament style and wakeboard style boats have borrowed from our innovative thinking and have incorporated spray rails into their designs.
The growing sport of barefooting thirsted for more speed, power, and of course, a small narrow wake. In response, Centurion developed the Warrior Barefoot, which, in turn, inspired a cult following with impressive annual unit sales. With the introduction of the Warrior Barefoot Comp in 1985, the boat became the first outboard to tow the prestigious AWSA Barefoot National Championships. To this day, the performance of the Warrior Barefoot remains legendary among the competitive bare circle.

Warrior Barefoot Outboard

First Facility in Merced

The facility in Merced, California, was a dream come true, not only for Centurion but for the entire industry as well. It became a breeding ground for water sports industry leaders. Today, the 121,000 square foot facility spans six acres of land, including a full size test lake. To meet the increasing demand, Centurion opened a second facility in Woodland, North Carolina, in 2000
Rick and Pam Lee took their first boat order by phone, as they were playing with their one year old who was sitting in an electric swing. A short time later, after word had spread, production began on the high-quality Jet boats and day cruisers with an emphasis on performance. The first watercrafts were manufactured in a leased, 10,000 sq. ft. industrial park in Southern California. Centurion Vice President of Manufacturing, Les Clark, pictured here.

The First Order

Rick Lee Drag Boat Racing

With a drag boat-racing national championship and a world record under his belt, Rick Lee, the founder of Centurion Boats, has always been a pioneer in the world of water sports. Before founding Centurion Boats, Rick raced the first turbocharged exotic K-Jet in the 1,600-meter closed course circle class. Then he brought his innate knowledge of hydrodynamics and ability to design high-performance boat hulls to the recreational world.