Seth Stisher's Water Ski Training Center

Seth Stisher's Water Ski Training Center

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Seth Stisher's Training Center is located at his private site, Oz, located in Charleston, South Carolina. You can find Seth coaching there or taking his expertise to his clients' sites around the world. His coaching career is based around creating a unique learning environment where all skill levels can benefit from the various concepts and approaches that he uses. Seth became a Centurion team member in 2013 based on his claim that his goal is to provide the best waterski experience for all of his clients. Some of the highlights of a ski experience with Seth include:

  • Client-centered coaching experience where rather than barking out "stock ski tips" he involves the skier in the coaching knowing that the student/client is the most vested person in his or her own skiing
  • Flexibility to explain things in different ways for different skiers to insure that a connection is made and long-term understanding is created.
  • Whether at your site or his, Seth's goal is to create a fun, relaxed environment in which to learn since the time spent skiing is also your leisure time. He also understands that more learning takes place in this type of environment.
  • His site is a clean, fresh-water site secluded in the woods of Johns Island and 15 minutes from historic, downtown Charleston, SC and 15 minutes from world famous Kiawah Island resort. Between skiing, local dining, beaches, and history your "ski school" trip can be one heck of a vacation.

About Seth:
Seth has been coaching all levels of waterskiers since 1996. After 13 years skiing as a Professional Slalom Skier, Seth now competes on the Big Dawg tour and is a top-ranked competitor. One of the strengths of his coaching career is that he has always made sure that he was a coach first and an athlete second. His dedication to the sport and his clients has proven to be a valuable asset to his career and enjoyment of the sport. Check Seth and his training center out at

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