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PCM Marine Engines

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For well over three decades, Pleasurecraft® Marine Engine Company (PCM®) has been building inboard engines designed specifically for inboard watersports boats. From the beginning, the company has been true to its mission, which is to build the highest quality, longest lasting, and top performing watersports engines available. PCM’s intense focus on inboard excellence has led PCM to be recognized year after year has having the highest level of customer satisfaction in the industry. The PCM brand has become synonymous with the highest quality inboard engines available.


PCM was founded in 1975 in Canal Winchester, Ohio. Since that time PCM has continued to enhance its engineering and manufacturing expertise, while building hundreds of thousands of inboard engines. PCM has spent years training what is now recognized as the strongest servicing dealer network in the industry and has developed close relationships with the world’s elite boat manufacturers. throughout that time, PCM has supported the sport with sponsorships of amateur and professional tournaments, pulling thousands of participants to victory, and towing hundreds of enthusiasts to national and world championships and records.


Today, PCM is located in a 140,000 square-foot complex built on 50-acres in Little Mountain, South Carolina. The complex includes the corporate headquarters, state-of-the-art engineering and research and development labs, as well as modern machining and manufacturing facilities. An expansive warehouse and shipping area supports today’s products and our 37-year legacy in servicing engines and parts. While other manufacturers have come and gone, PCM is stronger and better equipped than ever to assure that its customers will experience the highest level of satisfaction.


PCM recognizes its environmental responsibility and has been preparing for a bright future by designing great performing, environmentally friendly inboard engines. PCM’s patented Catanium® Clean Emission System (CES) greatly reduces harmful emissions and will meet or exceed all government regulations required now or in the future. Most importantly, PCM has created green, environmentally friendly engines, without sacrificing the outstanding performance and durability that PCM has excelled at for over 37 years. PCM remains committed to its mission to lead the industry in technology and innovation and to maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction in the watersports world.

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