2014 Body Glove Edition Enzos

Body Glove Edition Enzo

Centurion Boats and Body Glove International is proud to introduce the next evolution of the greatest wake surf boat available, The Body Glove Edition Enzo. The all-new Body Glove Edition encompasses the already proven SV and FX Enzo hulls in 22', 23' and two models at 24'. With Body Glove exclusive graphics, deck branding, custom flooring and more, the team took wake surfing one step further by outfitting each model fully loaded as "standard". There is no longer, bigger, taller or more powerful wake making machine; the Body Glove Edition Enzo is as close to ocean surfing as you can get inland.

The Body Glove Edition Enzos are available in the following models in either Too Blue or Yellow. Fully equipped with RAMFILL ballast, the largest capacity ballast tanks with the fastest fill times without delay; also standard equipment is CATS (Centurion Articulating Tracking System) for unparalleled wake enhancement for wake surfing and wakeboarding and superlative operation for general boating. Additional standard features include the Amphitheater III Pro Audio system; Interior and Exterior LED packages and more. See your local dealer today for more information on what sets the Body Glove Editions apart from every other wake boat available.

  • Enzo FX22
  • Enzo FX44
  • Enzo SV233
  • Enzo SV244


Body Glove Edition Enzo

Body Glove Edition Enzo Body Glove Edition Enzo Body Glove Edition Enzo Body Glove Edition Enzo Body Glove Edition Enzo
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